How is Content Marketing Effective?

by | Jul 25, 2019 | Content Marketing

The creation of original content showcasing your business for the individuality of the service or product you provide is now a key facet of an effective overall digital marketing strategy. Nowadays when we want something we tend to search Google. The links that pop up are content which all of us now consume daily. The aim of an effective content marketing strategy is to captivate your audience and build authority.

There is a broad and diverse range of things on the internet which constitute content. News articles, opinion pieces, blogs, how to video’s or even simply top-quality images. Top quality content now guides much of our decision making which includes importantly for businesses our purchase decisions. When we buy a new electronic goods for example many of us will go onto YouTube to look at reviews and comparisons.

Online content is now a large part of our lives. Most millennials now live and breathe this stuff. What we want to do as effective marketeers is leverage content that will attract new customers, keep these new customers engaged and then entice them with a fantastic range of services and offerings.

Why creating top quality content is important?

Content marketing is now the daddy of digital marketing. It is used by everyone from politicians, to celebrities, to chefs, to fitness fanatics, to self help gurus, to NGO’s, to foreign governments, to businesses of all shapes and sized. Even the United Nations has taken to promoting itself using digital content and is very effective

From a business perspective the potential returns on investment from an effective content marketing strategy are huge.

  • Content marketing is a low-cost marketing tool compared traditional methods.
  • Business that use content marketing obtain 126% more lead as opposed to business which do not.
  • As much as 61% of purchases made online now are the result of customers reading relevant content online.
  • Companies that blog regularly have 3 times more traffic going to their website then companies that do not.

Creating top quality, engaging content now equates to business growth. If your business doesn’t have an effective content strategy it needs one.


Developing a content marketing strategy requires a plan and there are many things to consider in ensuring the plan is right for your business.

Who are you creating content for?

There are many different digital marketing channels to choose from for developing content and getting your brand out there. In choosing which one to you use you need to define who you are targeting your services and at where they are likely to be, if for instance you are selling healthcare supplements, Instagram would be great place to go as there are a lot of fitness fanatics, yogis and sportspeople on that platform.

What problem are you trying to solve?

Every product and service you sell is solving a problem or satisfying a need. Your content should educate your customers on how your service does this. Our business for instance is a digital marketing business aimed at solving the problem of getting your brand out there and bringing in customers. This blog is about how using online digital content marketing can help bring in leads and prospects. A clear problem with content created to show how our services solve that problem.

Why are you unique amongst your competitors?

The internet is awash with content, to stand our in a crowded field you must demonstrate why you are unique. As with other forms of marketing this is all about creating a brand. You need to think about what you want your brand to represent and tailor content creation so that it is consistent with this message.

Which Format is right for you?

As alluded to earlier there are many different types of content. Whether videography or blogging is right for you depends on your product and the market you are marketing it to. If you are an education resource creating YouTube videos is a good place to start for as people typically use YouTube for this purpose and if you are selling to business, you probably want more in depth writing with white papers and blogs showing what you can do in the business services market. The format will also dictate which channels are best for your content strategy.

How are you going to manage your content marketing?

Finally, you will need to come up with a strategy of how you are going to manage your content marketing strategy. If you are going to stick with a blogging strategy for instance you need to set up a regular schedule of how often you are going to publish and what types of articles you are going to include. You will need to be consistent with this for two reasons. Number one search engines reward consistency and number two regularly creating content build authority with your brand and keeps customers coming back.


Content creation is a marketing tool that has the potential to massively increase returns on investment to your business. Once you have an effective strategy and process in place for content creation you will see a steady inflow of prospects. If used effectively it will turn your brand into an authority in your market.

If you need help with your business Content Marketing, please get in touch so that we can assist you further

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